pixel art

The fastest, easiest and most powerful way to make 8-bit images

The best pixel-art program just got better

Pixel Art has always been the go-to choice for people who wanted to recreate their 8-bit dreams, and with Pixel Art 10, it just took a whole new step at being the best there is for getting just that task done. 

Open any image you want and have Pixel Art magically turn it into an 8-bit image that you can leave as is, or get more advance and edit it to your heart's content. Then, save it or share it instantly with your friends and family with the built-in uploader and sharing tool.

Tired and done for the day but don't want to loose your masterpiece? No worries, because you just have to save it as a picture, and that's it! Then whenever you want to keep going at it, just re-open that picture and it will be like you never left. No more sitting and waiting for Pixel Art to generate a project file that takes forever to make and open.*

Let Pixel Art do the hard work for you

Chances are that if you've used Pixel Art before, you've wanted to try to take a normal image and pixelate it. Well up until now, that's been a massive nightmare and would require external, specialized software. Not any more if you have Pixel Art Pro! Now all you have to do is open up a picture that you want to pixelate, and Pixel Art will detect it, and you just have to click the magic 'Pixelate' button** and let Pixel Art do all of the hard work for you!

The result? Amazing! Then you just have to click 'Import Image' and then that pixelated picture will be added to the Large Grid for you to do any modifications you want, or you can save it directly from there. It's really that simple. On top of that, you also can easily pixelate an image to use as your wallpaper just as easily!

Jam-packed with tons of features

Pixel Art is designed to be both easy to use, yet powerful. So, naturally, I filled it with as many features that I possibly could, including:

  • Import any image of any size
  • Pixelate any picture
    • Take any normal picture and have Pixel Art automatically pixelate it for use in a Large Grid project
    • Pixelate a picture for use as your desktop wallpaper
  • Replace colours
    • Quickly change a shade that you've used, replace the background, or more
  • Save as sprite
    • Take your Large Grid project and save it as a 1:1 pixel ratio, also known as a sprite
  • Save with tranparency
    • Save images with a transparent background instead of a solid colour like white
  • Grid ruler
    • Find the centre of any grid without having to count
    • Automatically divides the grid into sections
  • Lots of theme options
    • Change the look and feel of Pixel Art to a colour that you love
  • And more to come as time goes by!