End of Life for MixLyrics & DocPad

Trust me, it wasn't an easy decision, but sadly, it is one that had to be made. Both MixLyrics and DocPad are officially no longer supported.

MixLyrics, while showing a lot of promise, had numerous bugs and issues with the servers. Now yes, we could fix this, but because it is actually just going off of Musixmatch's website, if they made a change, the entire app can break. The problem is if something breaks, then we just simply don't have the time and resources to work on a fix as quickly as we'd like, so we have decided to end support for it. We recommend using Musixmatch's own desktop app instead to ensure mush better reliability.

As for DocPad, it had a flawed start, as it had some serious competition to fight against, and there just isn't enough user support to make development worth it.

So, with that, there will no longer be any future updates for either MixLyrics or DocPad. If you used either one, we can't thank you enough for your support, but we just don't see it becoming a worth-while investment in terms of time and resources.

Tytan McBride

Muze Media, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

Tytan McBride is an avid photographer, videographer and software developer and loves everything that he does. EDUCATION - Durham College (Digital Video Production) - Clarington Central SS (High School) VOLUNTEER/CO-OP - Rogers TV (Current) - Compumat (PC Components Canada)