Cutout Icon Pack - Available Now

I've always loved the idea behind Google's Material Design language. To me, it aimed to be minimalistic, and yet retain a small amount of complexity and depth. the problem is, while the apps often look good and follow it, the app icons are a different story.

So, I figured enough is enough, and decided to set out to fix the mess that is the Android home screen by creating Cutout Icon Pack.


Cutout Icon Pack is designed around the idea of the Material Design, but without ruining app icons by placing them in circles, squares, teardrops, or whatever other shapes they come in. Instead, they are free to be the shape that they were designed to be, but all come together and unite in a beautiful colour palette. The result, is something that I hope you'll love as much as I do.

Head on over to the Google Play Store today to download it for $0.99 and make your home screen on your Android phone finally look like Android, not a mess of iOS, Android, and who knows what else.

Tytan McBride

Muze Media, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

Tytan McBride is an avid photographer, videographer and software developer and loves everything that he does. EDUCATION - Durham College (Digital Video Production) - Clarington Central SS (High School) VOLUNTEER/CO-OP - Rogers TV (Current) - Compumat (PC Components Canada)