What Happened to Tech'd?

For those that know me, you might know that earlier this year, I had started a tech news website that was aimed to talk about tech news that the average consumer would care about.

You see, everyone uses technology, but not everyone reads up on the latest tech news, so I had aimed to fix that.

Sadly, I ran into some issues, mostly in the fact that I had less and less time to actually write stories for it. Each story took at least an hour to research, write, and finalize, and while 3–5 stories a day might seem possible to most, because it wasn’t a very good source of income, and wasn’t my primary job, I just couldn’t continue to devote time to it.

So, I quietly ended it a few months ago. I really did like it, and I still do 100% believe in the concept behind it, but I don’t want to work on something that I know won’t get the attention it deserves and requires. Will it ever come back? Who knows, but never say never. Just not right now.

Tytan McBride

Muze Media, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

Tytan McBride is an avid photographer, videographer and software developer and loves everything that he does. EDUCATION - Durham College (Digital Video Production) - Clarington Central SS (High School) VOLUNTEER/CO-OP - Rogers TV (Current) - Compumat (PC Components Canada)