What Happened to Muze Media

For those that have been here before, you might be slightly confused as to what happened to Muze Media. Well, allow me to explain.

No, Muze Media hasn't vanished forever. For the time being, I am focusing more on being a freelancer, meaning that there is no need for bring branded entirely as a business. So, I am shifting the branding back to being focused on myself, which you'll notice start to appear across this website, and within my apps, photos, videos, and more.

That said, Muze Media will still indeed be active. Instead of me publishing everything I do under it, it will be reserved for larger-scale projects, or if doing work with another business. As for my personal stuff, that will all now be under my 'Ty McBride' brand.

Hopefully that clears some of the confusion up, and hopefully you like everything my new, redesigned website has to offer!

Tytan McBride

Muze Media, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada

Tytan McBride is an avid photographer, videographer and software developer and loves everything that he does. EDUCATION - Durham College (Digital Video Production) - Clarington Central SS (High School) VOLUNTEER/CO-OP - Rogers TV (Current) - Compumat (PC Components Canada)