ColourGrab 1.1 & MixLyrics 1.0 - More Information

So, ColourGrab was officially finalized earlier this month, and so far, it's been going quite well! I've noticed a few things that need to be improved, including entering certain RGB codes, and the dark mode, so I will be releasing ColourGrab 1.1 in March to fix those things, and a few other things behind the scenes.

As for MixLyrics, the delay for 1.0 was really unexpected. AZLyrics had sudden issues that no one was expecting, so I had to go into high-gear in order to get MixLyrics working again. Luckily, with MixLyrics 0.8, I managed to switch the source for lyrics over to Musixmatch, which not only is faster, but more up to date.

But, where does that leave MixLyrics 1.0? Fear not, because MixLyrics 1.0 is set to launch in March, alongside ColourGrab 1.1. 

Oh yeah, and Pixel Art 11.3 is coming along well, so be sure to look for more on it very soon!

MixLyrics 1.0 - Release Delayed

It usually isn't an easy decision to delay a release, however this decision was fairly easy to make, and once you understand why, you'll agree.

AZ Lyrics, the website that MixLyrics uses to grab all of the lyrics from, has been having numerous issues recently with it's search functionality, a core part of MixLyrics. Without it, MixLyrics is unable to function in any way at all. Normally, I'd wait to see what happens, however as it's been a few days, and not the first time this issue has occurred, I have decided enough is enough.

So, I am rewriting the core functionality of MixLyrics to now use Musixmatch instead of AZ Lyrics to get its lyrics from. This is not an easy task, and will require time, however the result will be well worth it.

Spotify Lyric Sync will work just as before, however the manual song search has been modified. Now, instead of listing results, because Musixmatch is much more accurate than AZLyrics, you are automatically taken to the best result. Don't worry, because if the song isn't what you were looking for, you are able to provide more details about it to ensure that you get the perfect result. So far, I've tested it on tons of songs, and it has been super accurate, so I don't see this as a set back.

Now, because of this massive new change, I don't feel comfortable releasing MixLyrics 1.0 just yet. Instead, I will be releasing MixLyrics 0.8 this Wednesday, February 8. MixLyrics 0.8 will have these new changes mentioned above, and your feedback is more than welcome!

ColourGrab & MixLyrics 1.0 - Coming Soon

Both ColourGrab and MixLyrics launched last year as an early development program, and now, they are just about ready to move into a final, stable build!

ColourGrab was designed for anyone working with colours on their computer, and MixLyrics was designed as a replacement for the lyrics feature on Spotify that was removed last year. In other words, both are for two entirely different purposes, but solve a problem, and fill a hole in the market.

Yes, I say market, but don't worry, both apps are 100% free and not limited in any way at all. While it is possible that ColourGrab gets a Pro version like Pixel Art, a Pro version for MixLyrics is off of the table and not considered in the slightest.

Anyways, ColourGrab 1.0 is currently set to be released on February 11, with MixLyrics 1.0 following a week after, on February 18. After that, my focus will be shifting to finishing up Pixel Art 11.3, and then to DocPad. Basically, I will be shifting the focus between all of my programs to ensure that they all get updated in a reasonable amount of time. 

Pixel Art 11.3 - Coming Soon

I've been working on this update for quite some time now, and it's actually been one of the hardest to get to a stable, working condition. That said, it is still nowhere close to the place I'd like it to be, but until then, I thought I'd share with you what exactly it will consist of.

There is a new feature for Pro users that allows you to import and pixelate any image or any size, which will mean you're no longer restricted to working in the 3 choices of a 1:1 aspect ratio, or your wallpaper. Just simply open up any image, hit the 'PIXELATE' button, and save it. 

Don't worry if you're not a Pro user though, because I'm bringing in a user-interface refresh, a part of my design language I call Raindrop UX. It's designed to be even easier, cleaner, yet just as powerful as before. Below you can see part of the new UI in action (remember that this is a pre-release build, so things might change before the public release).

Something you can't tell from that screenshot however, are the animations. Animations have been added to as many things as I could think of, which has taken more time than I ever would have thought. On the plus side, it looks and feels so much smoother.

Besides those things, the majority of the update will be small refinements to what's already there. There are a few things that I still plan on adding that I won't mention, just in case they don't make it to the final build, but overall, this update is turning out quite well!

But, I know the question on everyone's mind is when is it coming out. Well, I don't have a set date yet, as features are still being added, and it's still in an Alpha stage, but I do feel confident that it will be out before the end of March at the latest. That said, there will not be an update in February, as 110% of my effort is currently going into this version.