What's Going on With My Software

If you've been following my software, you might have noticed that recently, there have been a lack of updates to everything that isn't Cutout Icon Pack. Allow me to explain.

Simply put, I got a great job that I beyond love, and I'm trying to work as many hours as I possibly can. Now yes, I want it that way, but it does mean that some sacrifices have to be made, primarily in terms of my software development.

Cutout Icon Pack brings in money, so naturally I am still active with it (in fact, it is about to hit over 1,000 icons come the next update this weekend!). However, Pixel Art, ScreenSnap and ColourDock are a little different.

For starters, Pixel Art has been around since 2011, and sadly, it has always been extremely time consuming to work on, so for the forseeable future, I will not be releasing any updates to it. That said, it does still continue to work, and I'm not doing anything to change that.

ScreenSnap and ColourDock I do actually use on a daily basis, so while I'm not actively adding new features to either of them, I am keeping an eye on them just to make sure that nothing goes wrong all.

I hope you understand, but I am getting older, and need to divert my attention to the things that make me money, such as my stupid amazing job, and working on Cutout Icon Pack. Is it the end for everything else? Well, never say never.

Over 500 Icons & Counting in Cutout Icon Pack

It hasn't even been out for a couple of months, yet it has already hit the 500 icons mark, with it set to have over 600 icons before the end of January. None of this could have been possible without you buying it, and sending in your icon requests, so I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you.

Updates are still set to come out weekly (every Sunday), so be sure to get your requests in (be aware that due to the way I develop the updates, requests might not be immediately available in the next update, but more than likely they will be in the one after that).

Let's make 2018 a great year for Cutout Icon Pack, and see just how many icons I can get added. There are quite a few with thousands and thousands, and I have every intention on getting Cutout Icon Pack to join that list.

Cutout Icon Pack - Available Now

I've always loved the idea behind Google's Material Design language. To me, it aimed to be minimalistic, and yet retain a small amount of complexity and depth. the problem is, while the apps often look good and follow it, the app icons are a different story.

So, I figured enough is enough, and decided to set out to fix the mess that is the Android home screen by creating Cutout Icon Pack.


Cutout Icon Pack is designed around the idea of the Material Design, but without ruining app icons by placing them in circles, squares, teardrops, or whatever other shapes they come in. Instead, they are free to be the shape that they were designed to be, but all come together and unite in a beautiful colour palette. The result, is something that I hope you'll love as much as I do.

Head on over to the Google Play Store today to download it for $0.99 and make your home screen on your Android phone finally look like Android, not a mess of iOS, Android, and who knows what else.

What Happened to Tech'd?

For those that know me, you might know that earlier this year, I had started a tech news website that was aimed to talk about tech news that the average consumer would care about.

You see, everyone uses technology, but not everyone reads up on the latest tech news, so I had aimed to fix that.

Sadly, I ran into some issues, mostly in the fact that I had less and less time to actually write stories for it. Each story took at least an hour to research, write, and finalize, and while 3–5 stories a day might seem possible to most, because it wasn’t a very good source of income, and wasn’t my primary job, I just couldn’t continue to devote time to it.

So, I quietly ended it a few months ago. I really did like it, and I still do 100% believe in the concept behind it, but I don’t want to work on something that I know won’t get the attention it deserves and requires. Will it ever come back? Who knows, but never say never. Just not right now.

ColourDock 3 - Out Now

After being in development for quite some time, I'm finally pleased to say that I have released ColourDock 3 to the public!

I know it took much longer than expected, but some things happened that required me to delay the release of it. Rest assured, it is available for download now over at https://tymcbride.ca/colourdock

But, what exactly is new? Well, I'm glad you asked! One of the main reasons that it took so long to release was because it now fully supports scaled displays. Yup, that means that it is now 100% compatible with 4K monitors or high-resolution laptop displays such as Microsoft Surface devices.

As a part of that, the design has been slightly updated to better match the design of Windows 10. In addition, this update also brings some new things like an additional colour slot for both Pinned and Recent colours, the ability to copy an RGB code from the palette, numerous bug fixes, and more. 

So, make sure to head over to https://tymcbride.ca/colourdock to download it today, or click on the download button in ColourDock's settings menu (if not showing up, restart app). 

Aurora Icon Pack - Now Available on Android

Have you ever looked at an Android home screen and realized that its icons are an absolute mess? Unlike iOS, Android developers do not have to follow a strict layout as to how their icons look, which is why Android icons can look entirely different from each other.

So, I set out to fix that, by creating a unique icon pack based on a pastel colour design palette. The result, is the Aurora Icon Pack!


Aurora Icon Pack has all of your favourite apps, and more, but themed in a beautiful, circular pastel design. The result is that your icons no longer look like a mess, but look like each other in uniform, whilst remaining unique to the app itself. Don't see your favourite apps themed? No worries, just submit an icon request, and I'll do my best to get to it for the next update, usually on a weekly basis.

If you want to check it out, head over to its page on the Google Play Store, where you are able to buy it. Be aware, however, that you will most likely need a separate app launcher to be able to use this icon pack, such as Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, Lawnchair Launcher, and many more.

What Happened to Muze Media

For those that have been here before, you might be slightly confused as to what happened to Muze Media. Well, allow me to explain.

No, Muze Media hasn't vanished forever. For the time being, I am focusing more on being a freelancer, meaning that there is no need for bring branded entirely as a business. So, I am shifting the branding back to being focused on myself, which you'll notice start to appear across this website, and within my apps, photos, videos, and more.

That said, Muze Media will still indeed be active. Instead of me publishing everything I do under it, it will be reserved for larger-scale projects, or if doing work with another business. As for my personal stuff, that will all now be under my 'Ty McBride' brand.

Hopefully that clears some of the confusion up, and hopefully you like everything my new, redesigned website has to offer!

Upcoming Software Releases

After confirming a few days ago that we would be releasing some updates to our apps, we are finally ready to share a bit more information about just that!

Today, October 23rd, we released DocPad 0.4.1, an update with a brand new design and compatibility when used on a display with a high pixel density. 

Following that, we will be releasing MixLyrics 0.9.2 and ScreenSnap 4.2 on October 27th, which both include improvements to better support high pixel density displays. As for MixLyrics, it also brings back support for AZLyrics as a source, adds options to change the Spotify Lyric Sync polling, and a button to force a song lyric refresh.

Now, that leaves Pixel Art and ColourDock. Now, neither have a release date just yet for their updates, as because there is a lot more to them, they both require much more testing and work to get working just right. That said, ColourDock will hopefully get an update to 2.2.2 in November, with Pixel Art either before the end of the year, or early 2018.

We have a lot on our schedule for these last couple of months, and are working hard to ensure that everything is perfect.

Update on Our Software

Over the past few months, there haven't been very many updates to any of our apps, and that is simply due to not having time to work on them. That however, is soon going to change, as we are shifting around our priorities a bit!

Right off the bat, we are releasing an update to both MixLyrics and ScreenSnap on October 27th, which will include support for high DPI displays such as 4K monitors or most newer laptop screens. This will mean that everything should work much better when used on them, plus text will be much sharper and easier to read. But, for MixLyrics, we are going a step further by reintroducing support for AZLyrics for both Lyric Sync and Search.

Following that, we will be adding support for high DPI displays to ColourDock soon after, and Pixel Art following that. We sadly don't have a date planned for either of them, but are aiming for ColourDock in November, with Pixel Art in December.

Then, also for December, we are hopefully reviving DocPad, which hasn't seen an update since January! While the main focus will, yet again be to add support for high DPI displays, once our other apps are good to go, DocPad will be our focus, and we will hopefully be adding new features on it very soon!

We know that support for high DPI displays might not effect everyone, however for those with a fancy, high-resolution monitor, the lack of support can sometimes break features, or just make it look bad thanks to Windows and the way that it tries to scale apps automatically. Rest assured, we will be giving ColourDock, DocPad, MixLyrics, Pixel Art and ScreenSnap at least one update each before the end of the year, so be on the look out for them when they become available.

ScreenSnap 4.2 and ColourDock 2.3 Information

Yes, we know, ScreenSnap 4.2 was supposed to be released in early September, however due to a last-minute issue that was discovered, we unfortunately had to delay its release. So, here is what happened, and when it will finally come out.

The way that ScreenSnap was designed was using a type of Software Development Kit and coding platform that doesn't support scaled displays too well. Luckily, Microsoft has recently added a way to fix all of that, however it requires a bit of work. In ScreenSnap 4.2, we decided to add in a temporary solution now, and then a proper fix later, however this temporary fix had some issues that were discovered that were serious enough to prevent us from releasing it.

On the plus side, this meant that we are finally doing what we should have done from the beginning, which is add in proper support for scaled displays. The downside is, this requires a lot of time and work to make sure that everything is working as intended, so we aren't setting a solid release date just yet. Inside, all we are saying is that it will be released before the end of the year.

With ColourDock, it's a bit different. Our solution we added for scaled displays is working thus far, however it does mean that things like text and icons are a bit blurry when used on a scaled display. So, once we finish up ScreenSnap 4.2, we will start work on making the same changes to ColourDock, which will come out in version 2.3.

Now don't worry, we know that not everyone has a scaled display, and would probably like a new feature too, so we are working on a little something that should hopefully come out in that update too.

ColourDock 2.2 - Out Now

We know it was originally scheduled for last weekend, but some things happened that ended up delaying the release slightly, but never fear, because ColourDock 2.2 is finally here, with some highly requested changes and features!

Right off the bat, ColourDock 2.2 now (finally) supports systems that don't use 100% scaling. This means that on your fancy 4K monitors, or even high-resolution laptops shouldn't run into any troubles when picking a colour. It is important to note that your scaling has to be set in the Settings of ColourDock, but once that is done, then you're off to the races!

Some other new things include the ability to pick a colour from the spectrum instead of only by RGB or HEX code, the newest colour is now automatically selected after grabbing it, there is a new donate button in the Settings panel (totally optional, although would be greatly appreciated), and a few other tweaks here and there to make it run better.

ColourDock 2.2 is now available for download for free through the In-App Updater, or by downloading it here.

On a side note, we are also working on an update to ScreenSnap that will also support scaled displays. Please be aware however that there is no time frame for this update, however we are obviously aiming for as soon as possible.

Tech'd Gets a New Logo, Redesigned Website

For those that don't know, Muze Media runs a technology news based website called Tech'd, with the focus of writing in a way and about news that will appeal to everyone who buys any form of technology rather than just the enthusiasts, nerds and geeks. Well, we've done some changes to make it even better.

First off, we introduced a brand new logo, and a redesign of the entire website. The new logo and design make it feel much more modern and at home in 2017. We spent quite a lot of time and effort into making sure that the design was perfect, so we hope that you like it!

On top of the new design, we also made the decision to reduce the number of ads on the website. This means that there are no longer ads in the sidebar, or in the header. There is still the one at the bottom of each article, and articles will have small ads placed within them sometimes, but overall, the number of ads are down to make it a more enjoyable experience for you.

So, go to Tech'd today to check it out, and we hope that you like it!


ColourDock 2.2 - Coming Soon

One of the most requested features for ColourDock has always been better handling when being used on a high pixel density display. You see, Windows was never designed to properly handle high pixel density displays, meaning that it is a nightmare for developers to properly work with.

That is why ColourDock has always only partially worked on these screens. But, as soon as the scaling in Windows is changed to anything other than 100%, ColourDock lost all functionality of the colour grabber. Luckily, we've finally cracked the secret to fixing this.

So, in ColourDock 2.2, set to launch early September, we will finally introduce scaling options for displays at either 100%, 125%, 150%, 175% and 200% scaling. This means that on 4K displays, 1080p laptops, Microsoft Surface devices, and more will all be able to use ColourDock to its fullest extent.

More scaling options will be coming in a future update to ensure even further compatibility. This update will also introduce a way to pick colours from the colour spectrum chart, bring some bug fixes, and more. ColourDock 2.2 will be coming out in early September, so keep an eye out for it!

Welcome to the Muze Media News Blog

As a part of our move of trying to keep everything more centralized under the Muze Media branding, we felt it only necessary to introduce a proper news blog!

This news blog will be primarily aimed towards keeping you up to date on what we're working on, whether it be new videos, photography projects, software news, and more.

It might be empty right now, but don't worry, it will soon fill up!