ColourDock 2.0 - New Screenshots & Release Date

While only announced just over a week ago, at the time of announcement, the screenshots that were included were already outdated, as I had actually started work on an entirely new design that looks almost nothing like previous versions of ColourGrab.

Instead, I figured a new name shouldn't come with a semi-major redesign, so I opted for an entire overhaul instead, starting from essentially the ground up. The version you see below is what you'll see on release day.

Designed to look both beautiful and powerful, ColourDock 2.0 is truly something special. There are still a couple of minor visual tweaks that I plan, but the overall layout and look is finished.

Going further, animations are all over the app, making it feel like something premium, despite it being 100% free.

Now then, the part that you might be most interested to know, the release date. While I don't have a solid day planned just yet, I can confirm that it will come out before the end of June. I'm putting a lot of work into development and testing to ensure that I don't need to release an update right after launching to fix something that I missed. 

One final thing I want to note, I am aware of an issue when using the grabber in all versions of ColourGrab when used on a display with anything other than 100% Scaling, and am looking into a fix. I doubt it will be included in ColourDock 2, but as soon as I find a fix, I will push it in an update.

Graphic Design Section Now Live

I've always done a little bit of graphic design here and there, but I have never properly advertised it, until now.

Starting today, if you click on the 'Photos' link in the menu, you'll be greeted with a new 'Design' option. Clicking or tapping that will then take you to a small sample of the graphic design work that I've done over time.

You'll see things ranging from logos for people or businesses, to even concept art for my apps that I develop. Even better, if you like what you see and want something done for yourself or your business, just get in touch with me and we'll work something out!

So, head on over to my Graphic Design section to see what I'm talking about, and to check out some of my portfolio!

ColourDock 2.0 - Coming Soon

After a lot of work, I am finally ready to announce that the next step for ColourGrab is here, and it's in the form of a new look, a new name, new features, and more! Introducing, ColourDock!

ColourGrab ended up becoming so much more than a tool used for grabbing colours on your screen, as it quickly became the ultimate colour manager used by hundreds of people for all sorts of projects. So, I decided to change the name to something that better suits its purpose, but I didn't stop there.

First up, I added more slots for Pinned Colours, bringing the total to 7 to match the 7 slots for Recent Colours, bringing the total to 14 different colours...or so you think.

In order to take it to the next level, I have added the entire Material Design colour palette, made by Google, into ColourDock. This means that you can quickly access more than 200 different colours from ColourDock at any time, with only a couple of clicks.

But, with all of these new features, I quickly found that the current design just wasn't made to withstand this many features, so the entire app has gotten a brand new look, ranging from the way that your colours are displayed, all the way to how the Settings menu looks.

On top of those, I have added a few extra tweaks to make it even more powerful than ever before.

ColourDock 2.0 is currently still in early design stages, but don't worry, it is aimed to be released Q2/Q3 2017, so you don't have much longer to wait!

ColourGrab 1.4 - Coming Soon

While yes, I know I had previously announced ColourGrab 1.3.4, it's actually ended up becoming a much larger update than I had anticipated, so I've decided to change it over to ColourGrab 1.4!

While there is a fair bit of behind-the-scenes stuff that's different, something you will notice is the additional pinned colour slot, and a brand new icon!

While the original one didn't last very long, I feel like this is a much better icon for it, and hopefully you like it as much as me!

Other than those two changes, there are minor tweaks to things here and there, which should help make the entire program a much more pleasant thing to use.

ColourGrab 1.4 launches May 13, so check it out then!