ColourGrab 1.3 - Coming Soon

While ColourGrab 1.3 focused primarily on touching up a few issues here and there, I figured it was about time I work on something new. It's been requested a few times, and I think it would be greatly appreciated, so I'm adding it.

The feature in question is the ability to pin colours. Simply put, there might be that one colour that you use a lot, and when dealing with a lot of colours, you might need to frequently re-add it to ColourGrab. So now, you'll just be able to pin it, and have ColourGrab remember it, along with your other 7 recent colours! And yes, you'll be able to pin more than one colour, as at launch, you'll be able to pin up to 3 colours.

Now yes, some might find 3 colours isn't enough, but if the feature is used a lot, I'll look into adding more slots, along with more slots for recent colours, but that is for the future.

Until then, ColourGrab 1.3 is currently aimed to be released in either late April or early May, so be sure to look for it soon!

End of Life for MixLyrics & DocPad

Trust me, it wasn't an easy decision, but sadly, it is one that had to be made. Both MixLyrics and DocPad are officially no longer supported.

MixLyrics, while showing a lot of promise, had numerous bugs and issues with the servers. Now yes, we could fix this, but because it is actually just going off of Musixmatch's website, if they made a change, the entire app can break. The problem is if something breaks, then we just simply don't have the time and resources to work on a fix as quickly as we'd like, so we have decided to end support for it. We recommend using Musixmatch's own desktop app instead to ensure mush better reliability.

As for DocPad, it had a flawed start, as it had some serious competition to fight against, and there just isn't enough user support to make development worth it.

So, with that, there will no longer be any future updates for either MixLyrics or DocPad. If you used either one, we can't thank you enough for your support, but we just don't see it becoming a worth-while investment in terms of time and resources.

Tech'd - Tech News For The Average Consumer

I'm pleased to announce that I have officially launched a new website as a part of Muze Media, called Tech'd!

Technology is something that everyone uses every day in some form, yet it seems that only the tech enthusiasts have actually kept up to date on tech news. Tech'd aims to change that, by focusing its target audience on the average consumer, while also attracting the tech fans.

Tech'd is updated daily, and you can check it out over at!

ColourGrab 1.1 & MixLyrics 1.0 - More Information

So, ColourGrab was officially finalized earlier this month, and so far, it's been going quite well! I've noticed a few things that need to be improved, including entering certain RGB codes, and the dark mode, so I will be releasing ColourGrab 1.1 in March to fix those things, and a few other things behind the scenes.

As for MixLyrics, the delay for 1.0 was really unexpected. AZLyrics had sudden issues that no one was expecting, so I had to go into high-gear in order to get MixLyrics working again. Luckily, with MixLyrics 0.8, I managed to switch the source for lyrics over to Musixmatch, which not only is faster, but more up to date.

But, where does that leave MixLyrics 1.0? Fear not, because MixLyrics 1.0 is set to launch in March, alongside ColourGrab 1.1. 

Oh yeah, and Pixel Art 11.3 is coming along well, so be sure to look for more on it very soon!