Quickly capture colours for use anywhere on your computer

Are you someone that does a lot of work with colours on your computer? Ever notice how much of a hassle it can become when you start working with multiple colours?

Introducing ColourGrab, our latest app designed to fix just that! With just a keyboard shortcut, grab any colour from anywhere on your screen, and get the colour code, plus have it saved to a recent colour list.


Make fun 8-bit styled works of art

Making 8-bit art has always been fun, but a challenge to do in free software, and even expensive paid software. So, Pixel Art is here to help. Quickly and easily make 8-bit works of art in the most powerful, advance, yet easy piece of software you will come across.



Capture, share, and/or save your screen quickly and easily

Taking screenshots on Windows doesn't need to be as hard as it is, which is why ScreenSnap exists. Take a screenshot, and even share it online, without having to even click your mouse. Whether it be capturing your whole screen, or just a part, nothing is as fast and easy as ScreenSnap.